Why Should You Still Use a Business Card?

Every business wants to stand out from the crowd and an effective business card can achieve just that. A business card can enhance the image of your company and ensure that people notice and remember you.

It is often the first interaction a potential client has with your company. When you do not have a business card, you are losing out on a valuable marketing opportunity.

Though, as a business card is so small, it can be quite challenging to communicate your company’s image effectively.

To create an effective business card, follow the seven top tips listed below.

Include All the Important Information

 Ensure your name, company name, logo, job title, website, phone number and email address are all included on your business card.

However, do not make your business card disorderly by adding too many contact details.

Keep It Uncomplicated

Some designers make use of an unusual material when they create business cards. However, it might not be as practical. People like to jot down additional information on a business card and this is not as easy to do on for example a metal surface.

Also, remember that a business card must be easily carried around or filed.

Ensure That It Is Easy to Read

 The font that you use should be simple and professional. Avoid using any detailed fonts that are very difficult to read. Also, do not make the size of your text too small.

Use the Colours of Your Brand

 It is always a great idea to incorporate your company’s brand image into your business card.

 When you do not have a specific colour scheme that you need to work with, browse the Internet for ideas. There are many free tools and templates that you can get online.

However, there is nothing wrong with simply just sticking to black and white. It can be just as impressive and is frequently regarded as more sophisticated.

Make Use of a Special Finish

Making use of a special finish is a great way to ensure that your business card will stand out. Apart from making your business card more pleasing to the eye, a special finish can also make your business card more tactile.

Some of the special finishes that you can use are metallic inks, embossing and foil blocking. Though, bear in mind that these finishes can make it more expensive to print.

Use Thicker Paper

Thicker paper can help to make your business look more professional as it feels more expensive. Paper that is thinner than 300 gsm can make your business card feel second-rate and create the impression that your business has poor taste and delivers low-quality products or services.

Double-Check Your Information

Check all the details on your business card at least twice before you print it. There is nothing more disappointing than to receive your business cards and spot a typo when it is too late.

Before you send your business card off to the printers, it is a brilliant idea to use a proofreader to check that all the information is correct. Proofreaders are trained to spot common errors that people make when they create their business cards. It is not an expensive service and you will most likely spend less on paying a professional proofreader than what it will cost if you have to reprint 500 business cards.

Once you have designed and printed your business cards, always carry enough copies with you and be sure to include your business card in all communication.








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